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A Chronology of Laboratory Liberations

This chronology attempts to list every liberation of a laboratory animal in the UK since the founding of the Animal Liberation Front in 1976. It includes liberations from laboratories as well as holding units and breeding farms that specialised in … Continue reading

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35 Years of the ALFSG and Animal Rights Prisoner Support

Introduction 2017 marks the thirty-fifth year of the Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group (ALFSG). Often confused with the Animal Liberation Front itself, the SG is a separate group with its own unique and interesting history. Despite it being a small … Continue reading

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A Culture of our Own

Some years ago I had the pleasure of seeing activist-comedian Mark Thomas speak at some green fayre in South London. Towards the end of his talk he took questions from the audience and one fella asked him ‘when was he … Continue reading

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Badger Lives Matter

Opposing The Badger Cull in the West of England. Opposition to the badger cull has become one of the largest grass-roots animal rights campaigns of recent years. Under an umbrella of various organisations and actions, thousands of people have mobilised … Continue reading

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Remember Barry Horne

Barry Horne Animal Liberationist 1952 – 2001 “As with other hunger strikers throughout history, Barry laid down his life to correct an injustice. For other martyrs, it had been to end oppression of people because of their race, gender, political … Continue reading

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Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

Book Review – June 014 Best, Steven & Nocella II, Anthony (edts.) Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals (New York: Lantern, 2004) Reviewed: Foreward ‘Illuminating the Philosophy and Methods of Animal Liberation’ by Ward Churchill (p. … Continue reading

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Probationary Tales

The last years of the Blair government saw a concerted attack on civil liberties and freedoms associated with political activism through increased legislation designed to criminalise protest. The police received greater powers to allow them to target activists and the … Continue reading

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Inside The Cages

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The full zine, forty pages of writings on animal liberation, imprisonment and repression, first published in 2013, is available to download: “Back in the early 2000’s I was invited to speak at World Day for Animals in Laboratories in … Continue reading

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